Martial Law in the Philippines

and the Late President Ferdinand Marcos

Top 20 History Facts

Martial Law in the Philippines was declared on 23 September 1972 under Proclamation No. 1081 and was officially ended with the Proclamation No. 2045 on 17 January 1981.
  1. Ferdinand Marcos was born on September 11, 1917, in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.
  2. He died in exile in Honolulu, Hawaii, on September 28, 1989.
  3. Marcos ruled the Philippines for 21 years, exercising authoritarian power and undermining democratic processes through the declaration of Martial Law.
  4. Marcos and his associates looted billions of dollars from the government, took on enormous loans to keep the economy afloat, and left the Philippines in a desperate financial state.
  5. Marcos was a topnotcher during 1939 Bar Examinations with a score of 92.35% BUT he does NOT hold the record of having the highest score in a bar examination.

    The record for the highest score in a bar examination is held by Florenz Regalado, a former Philippine Supreme Court Justice; 1st placer, 96.7% 1954 Bar Exams.

  6. The external debt of the Philippines rose more than 72-fold from $360M in 1962 to $26.2B in 1985, making the Philippines one of the most indebted countries in Asia.
  7. Marcos is widely known to international academics, economists, and journalists as a kleptocrat, a corrupt leader who uses political power to appropriate the wealth of their nation, typically by embezzlement or misappropriation of government funds at the expense of the wider population.